3D origami strawberry tutorial (instruction) for beginners version 3.0

Video description

We show how to make volumetric strawberry of paper in the art 3D origami. Video tutorial on assembling such strawberry show in detail and step through. Suitable for beginners.

This is the second version of the assembly strawberries. A first embodiment looking in the references in the description or in our channel.

We need to assemble strawberry 42 pieces (triangles).

We need:

29 red, 6 yellow and 7 green triangular pieces.

How to make triangular pieces for 3D origami see here.

Begin to make a strawberry.

Repeat after us

Making the leaves of green

Watch another version build strawberry out of paper here

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And now you know how to make strawberry in the art 3D origami (modular origami). Use this video as a master class in the assembly of strawberry.

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